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Tips and Tricks For Web Development – Some Useful Tools!

September 23rd, 2018

We are by-and-large, Mac users but most of these tools are cross platform and available on Windows and Linux with the exception of CSSEdit.

Netbeans. This is a fantastic IDE and when used with Xdebug it provides a superb PHP development environment with line-by-line debugging and all that the competition (Zend Studio) offers but it’s free!. BTW we are fans of Zend Studio just not the price tag!

This brings us onto Xdebug. This is a great php module/addon that when used with Netbeans provided great debugging facilities.

CVSDude. What’s that dude?! this is a really great SVN hosting solution. We tried running our own SVN we tried other SVN providers and finally started using CVSDude for our Subversion Requirements. Most developers will know how important SVN is for team collaboration and without SVN it’s pretty much impossible to collaborate with a team working on a large project. CVSDude offer a cost effective SVN project hosting solution with many extras such as integrated Trac and Bugzilla. Support is great and it can all be managed via their web-based console.

SyncroSVNClient So this brings us onto Subversion clients, there’s allot out there but our favorite is SyncroSVNClient, easy to use, cost effective and reliable.

Safari and Web Inspector . We have experience of Firefox and Firebug and these are excellent tools but if you are a JS developer and have a Mac take a look at Safari’s JS debugger. On our Macs we found it took much less memory resources than Firebug and offers syntax highlighting in the JS code than makes it easier to ready and instantly see bugs in the code. While Firefox and Firebug do a great job Safari and Web Inspector do a top notch job at JS debugging. To enable the Safari Develop menu and Web Inspector, just close Safari and type (or copy/paste) the following command into (/Applications/Utilities): defaults write WebKitDeveloperExtras -bool true.

CSSEdit . Unfortunately only available on the Mac CSSEdit is a top notch CSS tool. Firebug for Firefox and Safari Web Inspector do a great job of CSS debugging class inspection and style over-riding so they are great for finding a CSS issue. However a tool we have found priceless on many occasions is CSSEdit by MacRabbit. This CSS editor allows you to browse any styles and override these much the same as FB and Web Inspector but with much more ease. The controls and interface are easy to use. New style attributes can be easily defined by using the GUI without the need to remember the syntax or have to go off hunting for a sample on Google. More information can be found here:

We hope this information helps!

There are many development tools out there and it’s never a case of one tool does all but our collection of tools certainly seem to be pretty definitive for building a large web-based application.

Revealing the Firefox Secret Used by Top Web Developers and Power-Browsers

September 22nd, 2018

Profiles are one of the best kept secrets around regarding Mozilla Firefox (my browser of choice).

In the role of web site designer, I find it useful to have Firefox set up with various Extensions for helping test compliance, keep track of Google AdSense earnings, checking PageRank and Alexa rating, etc…

However, when I am simply surfing the internet, I don’t want to be weighed down by all these tools, cluttering up my status and toolbars. I like a slick, simple browser that looks good and works quickly.

Fortunately, I am able to have both of these scenarios in Firefox, through the wonder of Profiles.

How do Firefox Profiles work?

Firefox allows multiple users to set up the browser to suit their own specific needs and tastes, from Themes and Extensions to Bookmarks and Home Page.
Upon startup of Firefox, you are able to choose which user profile you would like to use.
So, you can now have a profile for your web development needs, one for your personal surfing, and even one for the kids (allowing you to increase Firefox’s security measures).
Each profile is independent of the others, so it’s like having a new installation for each user.

How do I activate Firefox Profiles?

1. Firstly, find the Firefox shortcut on your desktop (or create one from the .exe file).

2. Right-click it, and select properties.

3. Lastly, in the Target box, add ‘ -p’ without the apostrophes to the end of the target line (so that it reads something like ‘C:Program FilesMozillaFirefoxfirefox.exe -p’), and click OK.

Now when you start Firefox through this shortcut you will be prompted with the Profiles Manager box (as long as you do not already have an instance of Firefox open). It’s all self-explanatory from thereon.

For faster start-up, I advise that you keep two shortcuts on your desktop – one to load up Firefox as normal, and this new one to execute only when you want to change profile.

How Designing Is Considered As the Most Important Factor in Web Development

September 21st, 2018

The designing of a website is certainly an art. It is the philosophy that attractive websites have the potential to generate online leads. Your website is like your office. It should be designed in the attractive designs and must contain attractive colour combinations. The philosophy suggests that everyone loves to stay at that place where which provides comfort to eyes and mind. The same thing is true for websites. The better it looks, the more will be the chances of the generation of revenue through online leads.

What designer should keep in mind while designing a website? Picking up of the template is an important task. The designers should opt the template which perfectly matches the requirement of the clients. Whether you are using PHP, Joomla, WordPress or any other platform, it is mandatory to pick the template based on the industry of the client. Millions of free templates are available at free of cost. Some of the most popular industries are education, hotel, tour and travel, e-commerce, etc. The designers should keep the industry of the client in mind while opting for the template.

The most important part of any website is its homepage. It is necessary to design this page in the most attractive forms of designs. The things which can be used for this purpose are banners, images, infographics, headlines, text content, etc. These things help in making this web page more appealing and attractive.

Another job for the designer is to select the best color combination while designing the web page. The selection of the colors should be based on the nature of business of the client. If you are designing e-commerce website for apparel, then bright colour combination is definitely a perfect choice.

What other things designer should keep in their mind? It is necessary to provide a proper navigation so that visitors should move from one web page to another. If the visitors don’t find proper navigation, then they will navigate to some other website. So, proper linking should be provided in order to provide full convenience to the visitors. Some other features which are mandatory in a website are search bar option, filter option, etc.

The designers should also put a check on the text style, font size and color combinations in order to make the website more appealing and attractive.

These are certain features which are mandatory for an interactive website. The designers should try to put their best efforts in powering website with creativity. They should use plugins like page builder to create amazing websites.